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Finding The Lion Next Door---

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

I Still Have Time - Interview

Then I just felt that it’s nice to feel good seeing other people help, but one should not stop there. I thought that this is a good chance to do something practical and, with in a bit of egoism, it would give ME something to do where I can forget about my own troubles. I know it’s not nice to feel better by seeing others in worse conditions... but it’s a physical reaction, don’t you think?

Nick -- Another Prophet Without Honor

One such small idea was this: If our children in a small northwest Indiana community could only engage the children of our cold war adversaries in a game now, they would not later grow up and kill each other. Building upon that premise, the gears set the wheels in motion.

Modern Day Neanderthal

I don't tend to judge and have thought myself to be quite understanding of the challenges encountered by those with physical disabilities. I assumed (isn't that a wonderful word) that with the laws well in place to protect their rights it was just a matter of them overcoming the particular challenges in their lives. Boy, was I wrong.

The Lesson

Constance Daley stops for her regular cup of coffee, with friends, and learns a lesson about life, giving and the world we live in.

Good Lessons - An Interview

Anne Varia interviews Caroline Lanctot-Bedard, who teaches emotionally disturbed children in Liberty City, a suburb of Miami, Fl.

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In This Issue - February 24, 2005
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