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editor:Yvonne Eve Walus

February 24, 2005

Changes. Or not.

There is something so seductive about empty, untravelled roads. I find them compelling, at least… in imagination, if not always in fact. There is time to wonder what lies around the corners that you can’t see, and if you should go look. Not much time, though.

October 26, 2004

Misadventures in Saudi

Things have been a little worrying over here, but nothing too serious. I still maintain that I'm more likely to be killed by criminals in South Africa than by terrorists in Saudi Arabia . I am being careful though and keeping a relatively low profile.

30 Something

Hours of Fun

You know, before my daughter was born, I was a good money manager. "Redecorate the nursery? Of course I will - just as soon as my baby is able to choose the colour scheme herself". "Baby clothes? Whatever for? It's summer and the baby can crawl around in her nappy. But all right, two sets then: one in the wash, one on the baby." And my very favourite, the one that has come back to haunt me over and over: "Toys? No way. Give them a wooden plate and a wooden spoon, the way they did it in my grandmother's days. Hours of fun."

October 19, 2004

30 Something

Do you have time to be single?

As we enter the third millennium, time has become something more precious than money or love. “Later, I’m busy, I don’t have the time” - we sing the refrain quite automatically, between stuffing the washing machine and churning out emails, between a breakfast seminar and our eleven-thirty presentation. One ear to the mobile phone, one eye on the screen, left hand on the powder puff, right hand jotting down the shopping list.

September 28, 2004

30 Something

The Art of Nothing

The Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang once said that an afternoon spent doing nothing is an afternoon well spent. My alter-ego, the one who is an energetic superwoman capable of balancing two careers and a household, shudders in horror at such a blatant waste of time. It doesn't bear thinking about: a whole afternoon, five precious hours of it, spent on gazing at the clouds, or on lying in the grass watching toddlers stick fingers into each others' nostrils, or with a good book.

September 16, 2004

WORKERS ABROAD : Living in Japan

After our last work experience in Japan neither of us had been looking forward to a return. We’d been on contract with an international group who weren’t an example of united international cooperation. Sometimes, however, contracts change and drop you where you don’t want to be.

30 Something

The Generation Gaps

Today’s 30-somethings establish their education, careers and homes well before they start raising families. We live life to the full, selfishly and self-centredly. We believe the world owes us long holidays overseas, interesting jobs and happy lives. We believe we deserve to find love, to keep our health and to live forever. If something doesn’t conform to the rosy picture, we’ll move on: quit jobs, get a divorce or pop a few pills until our perception of reality is what we can accept.

August 1, 2004

30 Something

The Empress’s New Clothes

All right, all right, I admit it: I'm not a typical woman. I don't understand how shopping for clothes can be therapeutic or even fun. Manolo Blahnik shoes (the ones that Madonna claims are better than sex) leave me cold, if somewhat amused: do people really spend thousands of dollars on a strap of shocking-pink leather connected to an almost-vertical shoe sole that makes your foot look like a heron in mid-dive?

June 5, 2004

30 Something


When you're in your thirties and you’re female, your world consists of two types of people: those who are parents, and those who aren't yet. That's if you yourself are a parent, of course.
Seriously though, 30-something mothers face a problem nowadays, a problem unique to our times. I’m talking about keeping your friends in the After Children era.

30 Something

Fast Food

So anyway, last month, I made one of the most difficult decisions facing 30-something women in the Western world: to be or not to be a working mother. On the one hand, I liked staying at home looking after my daughter. On the other, I longed for my old lifestyle. Ultimately, I wanted the best for my baby. Choices, choices, choices.


September 24, 2003

30 Something

A New Perspective

So anyway, last month, I made one of the most difficult decisions facing 30-something women in the Western world: to be or not to be a working mother. On the one hand, I liked staying at home looking after my daughter. On the other, I longed for my old lifestyle. Ultimately, I wanted the best for my baby. Choices, choices, choices.

August 19, 2003

Life in New York

Blackout 2003

The renewed sense of pride and citizenship in this city is awesome in its scope and beautiful in its many manifestations. "I love New York" is no longer a slogan; it is a deeply felt emotion akin to what one feels for ones family. Whatever comes our way, we are prepared to act as a single unit, standing side by side.

30 Something

Mamma mia, me a mama!

Having a baby changes you. No, I don't mean the loose skin on the tummy or the stretch marks. I mean your value system undergoes a drastic revision. People who comment on what a cute little Princess your daughter is melt your heart. People who don't are not considered friends anymore.

August 5, 2003

Conundrums before dawn

It is then that sometimes I feel that almost breathless sense of expectancy, when it seems as if surely there is more on the way besides just a new day. That something momentous will be occurring at any moment, if I just happen to be looking in the right direction at the right instant.

The Indian Cultural Function

And so the evening goes. There are dramas, dances, songs of Gods and Goddesses, of lovers in the forest, North and South Indian fusions and pop-bhangra confusions, traditional instrumental music played on veenas, mridangams, ghattams, sitars, harmoniums, and flutes.

June 15, 2003

What Next, New York?

A picture of James Davis, the man, emerged immediately; he seems by all accounts to have been a wonderful visionary with all of the best intentions. A victim of police brutality early in life, he became a police officer, an indication of how this man approached the challenges in his life.

June 15, 2003

Cool in 2003

Being cool in 2003 is all about stuff that should come naturally, natural health, natural feelings, answers you don't have to think about because they're going to come out right, because your truth is in the answers, in you and you don't put it on, you live it every day like the skin that connects you to the air and the touch of others.

The Face in the Rearview Mirror

Though this has always been true for every passing generation, there is a far greater challenge in the world my daughter inherits. The world awaiting this class of graduates is a very dark and critically damaged, place; a very different place from that which opened its arms to welcome me, all those many years ago.


If you're a right-brained type of person, you probably abhor lists. You'd rather store five bags of sugar in your cupboard and go without butter than have to make a shopping list. But the type of lists I'm talking about are nothing like ordinary lists.

30-Something- The Good Old...

I never thought I would join the ranks of those who repeat the refrain: "in the good old days…" So it took a lot of red-rag teasing before I foamed at the mouth. But foam at the mouth I did.

30-Something We are What we Like

I'm pregnant and freaking out. No, not because I'm developing a tummy or because my lifestyle is about to change drastically at the end of the year. It's just that I suddenly don't know who I am. Pregnancy has changed who I was and has failed to provide me with a new identity.

30 Something - Heroines

In the last 3 months I've read 11 books about 30-something females. The stories were varied and the books had been written in various languages of the Western world. What the books had in common was that they were all written by and about contemporary 30+ women, and they all portrayed heroines who were monotonously... stupid.

30Something - The metamorphosis

You get into your 30's and things suddenly look different. Yvonne Eve Walus takes us along with her on her journey in this series on life when you pass that milestone.

" I used to measure my job, my life - my friends even - in purely monetary terms."

Around Town-New York

One hears less and less of hatred and more and more of hope, cooperation, appreciation and a bit of awe that as a group we are a force to be reckoned with, we are larger than the sum of our parts, we have one heart that beats loudly and strongly.

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