Welcome and thank you for your interest in contributing to Human Beams Magazine.

Our goal at Human Beams has been, and always will be, to foster communication among people of different cultural, ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds, in the true spirit of the Internet. A World Without Borders.

Many of those who volunteer with Human Beams - staff, contributors, and members - also contribute offline and online in the areas of human rights, children's issues, geopolitical analysis, what affect we, as individuals and countries, have on others around the world, as well as many other areas. We are interested in building a vast network of interconnected individuals and communities, internationally, all working toward the general goal of a more involved, intelligent and effective world.

If you have like minded goals, and/or would like join us in any capacity, please email us. Location is not an issue. Nor is your occupation, as we are an all volunteer organization and have contributors who are not only professional journalists, but homemakers, students and those just starting out.

Please take a tour around the magazine and see if there is any area which interests you.

Thank You,

Nanette Kelley, Editor-in-Chief
Human Beams Magazine