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Human Beams Magazine was founded in 1998 with one simple goal - to change the world. With the help of many talented and passionate people over the years, we’ve made strides in doing just that. Maybe only changing the world in one household at a time, but it all starts somewhere, no?

Our focus is not so much on the news itself, but how the news we read and hear each day affects those that live it; we prefer analysis and commentary on issues and policies that doesn’t lose sight of the impact, good or ill, on actual people. Many of those who volunteer with Human Beams - staff, contributors, and members - also contribute offline and online in the areas of human rights, children’s issues, geopolitical analysis, what affect we, as individuals and countries, have on others around the world, as well as many other areas. We are interested in building a vast network of interconnected individuals and communities, internationally, all working toward the general goal of a more involved, intelligent and effective world.

We, as always, welcome submissions of articles, interviews, photo journalism pieces and more, but we are also now re-opening up positions for department, section and regional editors. As we are an all volunteer publication people come and go as their lives allow, and we thank each and every one of them for the time they’ve put into making Human Beams a success. We have plans for more growth, both online and offline, in the coming months and if, after looking through the magazine and the listings below, you feel this is something you’d like to be a part of, let us know. We’d be happy to have you.

Each area of the magazine, while part of the whole, is also stand alone.

What is expected of editors?

In all sections the department editors are asked to help gather (or write) information and articles related to that section, help determine future direction, provide limited guidance for correspondents and other things, depending on how much time they wish to spend and the level of involvement desired. Location is of no consideration at all.

Regional editors should preferably live in, or at least have in-depth knowledge of, the areas they are reporting and accepting reports on.

Correspondents - on the ground reports and analysis of events (current or past), opinion and commentary, activist items, etc.

Sectional Bloggers - For the most part we are not a “breaking news” organization, but real time commentary and highlighting of events related to the particular sections by one or more interested observers would be a plus.


International Politics - Focus on politics and related issues in the relevant regional areas. Well sourced analysis, limited opinion commentary (we have a place for that in Both Sides Now), and connecting geopolitical dots.


Americas - North

Americas - South and Central


Asia Pacific


Middle East

Politics blogger(s) - On the fly blogging of current events, news and information, with the focus on politics, elections (in various countries), and so on.

Our Humanity - We’re all in this together, and the Our Humanity section attempts to highlight this, especially in these interconnecting areas.

Human Rights - Editor: Alex Grace



Our Society - how we, as a society, wish to live, what measures can be taken to bring this about and so on.

Women - in all areas of the world, women often wind up bearing the brunt of policies and events such as globalization, environmental disasters, political upheaval and so on. They are also a sort of bellweather of societies who are moving away from human rights and democratic principles.

Our Humanity blogger(s)

Page Break - Arts and Entertainment

Arts - Fiction - Poetry

Movie Reviews

Book Reviews - Book Club

Page Break blogger(s)

The Fat Man’s Kitchen

Recipes - Stories

Health and Fitness

FMK blogger(s)

Life… at Large

Stories of life and living, events and adventures.

Finding the Lion Next Door

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things… standing up for the oppressed, bringing hope and comfort to the ill and more.


Stories of travel and people around the world.

Young Minds


Human Rights

Social Issues


Just talking - life, school, parents, whatever


Arts and Entertainment

Adult’s Corner - teachers, parents, others who interact with young people.


Nanette Kelley, Editor-in-Chief
Human Beams Magazine