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Slated to be Stoned to Death, These Women Need Immediate Help

In a post aptly titled "Stand Against Women Stoned to Death You Apathetic Monsters", Ali Eteraz warns us of an impending injustice affecting 7 women in Iran who are in danger of being stoned to death.

This is a call for action to do our small part in coming to the assistance of the women in Iran who have been sentenced to death by stoning.

1. Read the background and an explanation of the punishment for stoning to death in Islamic Law.

2. Realize that crimes against chastity in Iran are a pervasive problem by going to the website of one of the leading Iranian-American activists. There you may watch a detailed 48 minute documentary about a woman executed for a crime against chastity.

3. Spread word about this rally in Rome protesting the decisions by the Iranian government.

4. Sign these two petitions which refer to the two of the seven women sentenced. Activists in the US have gotten personal confirmation that Iranian officials were influenced by petitions when they previously ordered stays of executions. The first is for a woman named Kobra. The second is for a woman named Malak.

5. Submit the following letter...
There are more suggestions on his site, including the form text of letters (which you can and should modify to personalize it) to send to various individuals, as well as their addresses and other ways to contact them. Eteraz ends (sort of) with this point:
8. If you fail to do any or even some of these, I assure you that you will remember the image of a bunch of stones pinging against a woman�s head cracking open her skull sometime after October 12. You have eight days.
Actually, as of this writing, only five days.
Posted by Nanette on 10/06 at 07:51 PM

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