The Time is Now!
The Need is Great!
It's Oprah Winfrey!
For President!!!

Why not? Other than the fact she probably doesn't WANT to be President of the United States, and, let's face it, the position does tend to attract the obsessed/deranged/paranoid types, with their little sycophants, which doesn't make the job look all that attractive, its true.

But maybe if we finally had a really great modern-age president - one who is respected, admired, beloved and trusted not only in the U.S., but worldwide, as is Oprah - then the disasters of the past few years can be set aside and a healing power flood the planet and her sad people.

Who but Oprah Winfrey could accomplish this and still have time to get some excellent shopping in, as well?

If, please God, there's a world left after this current administration gets through with its agenda intact, the 2008 presidential election will have a passel of unknown quantities sniping at each other. Stand Oprah up against anyone and she'll embarrass them all so badly, they'll turn tail and run back to the corporate boardroom where they belong!

"What about the 'Bush Dynasty,' " you ask? "Won't we find Jeb running; a payback to rigging the elections for his brother?"

Why, Oprah'd walk right up to Jeb and Dub'ya and smack their faces! Just what we've all been longing to do, but haven't had the opportunity, Oprah will do it for us. She knows how to handle these "Good Ole Boys," she knows how dangerous they are - as are all bullies - that is, until they finally meet the ones who see through them, stand up to them and slap 'em down where they belong.

Yes. Oprah will be the "People's President." She knows how we are all suffering, with jobs being lost, pensions raided, the poor and needy left to rot. She loathes the "Leave No Billionaire Behind" doctrine presently in place and the sense of despair it's created for this country's citizens who are barely scraping by. She knows you can't build a successful, strong nation without taking care of the people of that nation, that the domestic policies are the most important.

And Oprah knows where to find the assistance for those who so badly need help. She knows the agencies and how to get those who need those services in touch with those who offer the services. If there's a need not being met by an existing agency, Oprah will create one!

Who better to wade through the quagmire of foreign relations, I ask you? Who knows that people are people everywhere - that our similarities far outweigh our differences, and our differences can be easily dealt with through pure and simple common sense?

You know that with Oprah Winfrey in the Oval Office the young men and women of this country would not be tossed out into a foreign desert to die, their lives surrendered in order to protect the obscene oil profits of the multi-national corporations. No more oil bought and paid for with the blood of our future generations.

Imagine Oprah meeting with the Israelis and Palestinians - think the Palestinians wouldn't get up from the coffee and cheesecake without a homeland on the West Bank? Think the Israelis wouldn't be hanging their heads in shame for having bullied them for all these years?

Oprah would simply remind them that there was a time, not that long ago, when the Israelis had no homeland - and how did they feel about it? Well, now you know how the Palestinians feel! Grow up! You're the same people, for God/Allah's sake! Peace in the Middle East purchased with a gallon of decent coffee and Sara Lee Cherry Cheesecake!

Why, she'd even have some advice for Queen Elizabeth! "Forgive the boy, Liz. We can't make our children's choices for them, we don't have to agree with their choices, but we do have to be there for them no matter what dumb things they might do. So, think about it - Let Charlie have some time fulfilling his birthright - step down, go to the country castle, play with the dogs!"

Of course, Oprah doesn't have all the answers, but she does know those who do. And she cares, she really cares. She's the real deal, with genuine compassion, an oh so generous nature and an authentic-ness that makes her approachable. You'd know in your heart that now your president really, honestly cared about what happened to you - even as far down the totem pole you might fall.

If she made a mistake? Or someone in her administration made a mistake? No more of this wishy-washy, pass-the-buck irresponsibility we're so sick of hearing. Oprah would face up to the errors, admit she was wrong and accept the responsibility for her action. After all, if a member of her cabinet screwed up, Oprah was instrumental in their being in that position to screw up. She will apologize; we will forgive her.

Oprah, of course, is one of the world's wealthiest people, but it's a wealth she made through her own hard work and careful fiscal planning. Imagine what she could do to end the deficit crisis? Give her the books, she'll call in her financial brains and all will be well throughout the land!

Her wealth works for us in other ways, as well. It means she will not be beholden to anyone for favors granted in return for campaign donations. She can tell the PACs where they can shove their money-for-consideration issues. This is one presidency that can't be bought and paid for by political insiders.

Which will make Oprah a true candidate of the People, the inspiration behind the reclaiming of our country by the majority of us who actually live, work and die here. Not the rich corporate bosses, not the "I'm More Powerful than God" politicos who proclaim their righteousness while flaunting their very earthly connections.

Oprah can see through all the jive talk of Washington D.C. and she has the pulse of the nation. She's of the real world, when she says she feels our pain we know she honestly means it and will do something about it. Our faith in this country, the worldwide community's faith in the United States, will be regained when Oprah Winfrey is our president.

And won't she and Steadman be knock-outs dancing at the Inaugural Balls?!

Peggy Elliot is a journalist, life observer and writer.

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